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Why Your Business Network Needs An NTP Server

network time server

Network Time Protocol, or NTP, is considered one of the oldest Internet protocols. NTP was in operation prior to 1985 and is still in use today. A network time server such as NTP is necessary for network administrators.

This is because a network time server is depended on for a variety of things such as comparing security logs, scheduling backups, and providing accurate timekeeping. Network time servers play a more important role in your company than you might think. In fact, here are a few things throughout your office that rely on an NTP network time server.

  • Network accelerators. Network accelerators rely on the accuracy of a time clock server to determine the most current piece of data. Without an NTP, the time stamped by these accelerators may be incorrect and therefore providing incorrect corporate data.
  • Data backups. Data backups are essential for corporate safety and success. They help ensure important information is kept safe in the system. However, without an NTP, the system can fail to complete a backup entirely.
  • Network intrusion. An NTP digital clock can assist with understanding how your network was compromised by intruders and hackers. The accuracy of the clock provides you with a time-stamped server log and router so you can know for sure when the hackers got in and what information was most likely stolen.
  • Network management systems. Time logs provide network administrators with data necessary for understanding problems and how to fix them. Should time logs be out of sync, it makes finding what’s wrong with the data that much more difficult.
  • Trading systems. the accuracy of network clocks is essential for trading systems. This is because certain companies often operate in electric trades and make thousands of trades per second.

Using an NTP wall clock in a corporate office helps to keep time synchronized efficiently and successfully. Synchronized time is necessary for a variety of corporate components and therefore the life of the company itself.

TimeMachines offers a wide variety of synchronization products such as GPS NTP and PTP time servers. With a focus on quality, price, and integrity, TimeMachines can guarantee customer satisfaction and optimal synchronization your company can trust.

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